Portfolios - Kubhera Managed Portfolios

Ideal portfolio construction varies by investor. Time horizon, retirement and tax planning, liquidity needs, and, yes, the individual’s emotional ability to endure the inevitable ebbs and flows of the market are taken into consideration while developing an investment policy.

We seek to achieve true diversification among assets classes (stocks, bonds, inflation hedge, and cash), and invest in a mix of assets that will perform differently in various economic environments. It also means diversification among assets that control the sources of risk, not just the returns. Kubhera builds portfolios that manage risk, and we deliver wealth management guidance along the way to ensure our clients’ long-term investment success and financial security.

* Returns not guaranteed

Portfolios are built and strictly managed in accordance to a written investment policy that is developed in consultation with the client. kubhera is granted a limited authorization by the client to build and manage portfolios as needed. Our portfolios are built exclusively using index and actively managed mutual funds, and Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s). Minimization of expense ratios (institutional class) and demonstrated superior Sharpe ratios (risk – adjusted returns in managed mutual funds) are important criteria for selecting investments in the portfolio. Cash is dollar cost averaged into investments, where possible. Active trading or attempts to time the markets in the portfolios is avoided. Portfolios are rebalanced to the policy on a periodic basis. Assets are held under client registration at a reputable NYSE member firm on a segregated basis. kubhera​ provides its services on a fee-only basis and does not sell or invest in any products in conflict of interest with our clients.