Investment Philosophy - Financial Advisory Services

We believe that the process of wealth building is vastly different from speculating in the stock markets. Controlling risk is a vital component of wealth building. As in any sporting event, the player that makes the fewest mistakes wins the trophy. Similarly, the impact of a few major investment losses on wealth building is not easy to overcome. Therefore, prudent risk management means being prepared for any situation that could damage a portfolio, even if the probability of such a situation appears to be low at the moment.

We all know that the risk in a portfolio cannot be eliminated entirely. In fact, we must consider that taking certain risks in the portfolio is essential to long-term wealth building. Investors, however, can seek to "reduce" the overall volatility in their portfolios while improving returns – otherwise known as optimizing their "risk – adjusted" returns. Another important component of long – term wealth building is controlling emotions in response to stock market volatility. Nothing damages the process of wealth building more than the "knee – jerk" reactions to stock market volatility, and abandoning carefully developed investment plans. We believe in building an investment strategy that will guard the portfolio from deep losses via "controlled risk", while attaining systematic compounding of capital over time – through various economic cycles as needed.

At Kubhera we believe that our role is to help build wealth in a disciplined manner that will enable individuals to reach their stated goals, and to preserve such wealth, once retired. We also believe that an investment strategy that relies on “timing” the markets is flawed because investors are simply reacting to the market noise, often incorrectly, which can lead to buying high and selling low. Capital markets are full of unexpected dips that media pundits are too happy to explain after the fact. Contrarily, we believe that our role is to help investors map out a particular path that enables them to reach their financial destination in a disciplined manner, while traveling confidently through the inevitable twist and turns of the economic cycles. We bring approximately three decades of hands on management experience in managing client portfolios that have weathered various economic cycles since 2000.